• Freestanding Signs

    Creating signage in a 3-dimensional space is a way to have your ideas interact with the viewers or act as guides that help to organize your event. Whether for artistic purposes or directory assistance, freestanding signs add character to your space.
  • Vinyl Stickers

    Vinyl Stickers

    A cost effective method for creating images or lettering are Vinyl Stickers.  These are easy to install, good for outdoor and indoor, and remove without damage to the surface.
  • Channel Letters

    Channel Letters

    Channel letters produce a stunning effect that will a spot light on your event. They can be formed to any shape and lighted with LED or incandescent lighting for a captivating look. Also, they can be freestanding or mounted to a surface.
  • Channel Letters

    Banners & Flags

    We offer full color banners and flags at no extra cost. You can choose various fabrics that are durable for both indoor and outdoor use. An assortment of rods, brackets, stands, and more are used to display these products.
  • Wall Paper

    Wall Paper

    We can create wall papers that will reinforce your subject matter or simply be a beautiful backdrop.  We can create wall papers for temporary space which are easily removed or long lasted ones suitable for withstanding wear in any weather condition.
  • Wall Prints

    Wall Prints

    For an artistic style we can frame and stretch images as an elegant approach. We can create work to imitate fine art or use vibrant digital images on these hanging artworks.


Our company has been in since 1993, dedicating our knowledge and experience to the world of visual communication. We have experience in designing, planning, and manufacturing a vast array of signage, that caters to anyone's need for marketing and promoting to the public. Examples of our diverse knowledge and skills can be viewed throughout our website. Please explore our website to see how our skilled team can produce any type of signage for our customer's needs.

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About Us

Events Signage is the leading sign expert based in New York City. With over 18 years of experience, we are experts in creating visual images that will help you to impress and engage your viewers. We offer various solutions in advertising and decorating for your event, trade show, exhibit, etc. We provide high quality, custom made, signs with experienced designers that will assist you in finding the best way to liven your occasion at an affordable rate.

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Contact Us

725 11th Ave

New York, NY 10019

Phone- (212) 246-3048

Fax- (212) 246-3368


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